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Ponta Delgada,Portugal
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Welcome to the University of the Azores!

The University of the Azores (UAc) is located in the Archipelago of the Azores, an autonomous region of Portugal. It is the only university located in the archipelago and its’ campi are spread through three different islands (São Miguel, Terceira and Faial). The University’s universal values, its’ geographic location in the Atlantic Ocean, between Europe and America, and the history of emigration and immigration of the archipelago, favor the establishment of many partnerships all over the world. The University of the Azores has cooperation agreements with almost 200 universities and research centers in 30 different countries, from America to Europe and Africa. Each year, the University sends and receives students for full undergraduation and graduation programs, joint degree programs, semesters, internships or short term visits, whether through the international student status or through mobility programs.

University of the Azores
Pilar Place, Saber Atlantic, Universal Knowledge
Founded in 1976, the University of the Azores has established itself over the decades as a reference institution in the archipelago of the breast, managing to build scientific and cultural ties within and between islands. But has established itself also as a universa list institution, enhancing the relevance of its Atlantic nature gives him, a real bridge between Europe, the Americas and other regions of knowledge, confirming that, in it, the Scientia Lucet.

The motto of the University of the Azores Sicut Aurora Scientia Lucet (like an aurora, science shines) had biblical inspiration ( Ben Sira or Ecclesiasticus book , ch. 24, entitled "Origin and Significance of Wisdom").